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Providing Private Cloud Hosting, it specifically provides virtual private cloud and dedicated server.All resources are isolated and controlled by a single organisation.The resources are not shared with other organisations and are managed by the cloud service provider.

Secure Server

Security measures designed to safeguard cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

High Capacity

Maximize your company’s productivity with a private cloud hosting solution designed to handle high volumes of traffic and data.

Max Speed

High-speed loading with a one-of-a-kind service to gain competitive advantages. 

24/7 Uptime

Monitoring the performance of the VM.


Managed Private Cloud Solution Designed for Your Company

Our private cloud is designed with four core characteristics in mind: security, scalability, and high performance. Private cloud offers guaranteed availability for businesses where performance is a priority, ensuring that your applications always perform.

Our Service

Private Cloud Hosting/ Dedicated Server

It is a customised cloud architecture that runs on private or partner data centres to meet the unique needs and objectives of a single enterprise. It provides enormous power and flexibility.

Microsoft Licences

We offer Microsoft 365, which allows you to access cloud services and collaborate in real time, allowing you to work more effectively together.

Backup and Restoration

We offer secure cloud backup . Every file, folder, and database on your site is always secure, protected, and accessible.

Cybersecurity – Consultancy

Cybersecurity Assessments and Consulting Services Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Services Enhance Your Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management with Our Services Cybersecurity Audit and Reporting Services


Welcome to the world of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS, short for Amazon Web Services, is a leading provider of cloud-based services that empower businesses with the flexibility, scalability, and reliability they need to thrive in the digital age.

All Features

We are actuating our cloud hosting services throughout India.

We offer the following features i.e, Up To 20X Faster Servers,24 X 7 Phone Support, 

99.9% Uptime Commitment, 0.02 latency ( very efficiently achieved)

Free SSL
4X Allocated
Fully Managed Business
Hosting Servers

We are the best Private Cloud Hosting

Affordable private cloud hosting

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with our budget-friendly private cloud hosting of high-performance, scalable, and secure solutions.

High Performance Server

The services that we provide are the fastest, so the best fit for you will depend on your budget and the location of your users.

24 / 7 Support

Our support team monitor the website's performance in relation to the service that was being provided.


Our Top Clients
Pan India

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Cloudbox99 has ben a great partner in our virtualization process. Till date we never faced a glitch even when there is a hike in traffic. Very few cloud hosting companies are able to deliver that these days.

Apollo Hospitals

We got in alliance with Cloudbox99 when it was a small startup and probably that was the best decision we made while choosing a service. They grew along with us and helped us to fulfil our client requirements with utmost priority and care.


Cloudbox99 has been a great cloud hosting partner for us. Their uptime is unmatched and they have a great customer service team!

Kendra Business Technologies Private Limited

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    Frequently asked questions

    To log in to the cPanel interface, perform the following steps:

    1. In your preferred browser, enter the IP address or domain and the service port.
    2. In the Username text box, type your cPanel username.
    3. In the Password text box, type your password.
    4. Click the Login button.

    To access Website Builder, log in to your Account Manager and follow the steps below: 

    At the top of this page, select Sign Up / Log In. Account Manager should be selected from the drop-down menu. Enter your username and password, then click the Login button.

    • The size of the files transferred from one location to another can be used to calculate traffic (server-client).
    • It can also be determined by the size of the file requested by the client from the server.
    • The number of visitors who visit the website is also included in the traffic measurement using the web hosting platform.
    • Site advertisements consume more bandwidth to accommodate a greater number of users.
    • More users means more traffic on the website, which necessitates more bandwidth on Private Cloud Hosting sites.
    • The scope of Private Cloud Hosting is expanded due to an increase in traffic when a website’s web page is accessed.
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload files to Private Cloud Hosting and its services.
    • The web interface is used for website deployment via Private Cloud Hosting services and techniques.
    • ISPs (Internet service providers) provide hosting solutions to clients who are either organisations or individuals.
    • Personal website hosting is provided by Private Cloud Hosting services for free. It also enables access to high-cost websites.

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    We are the best Private Cloud Hosting

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