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Best Dedicated Hosting Services in India

Best Dedicated Hosting Services in India

Experience Enhanced Productivity with Dedicated Servers Hosting in India

There are times and situations when organizations need complete control over their servers. This can range from the hardware to the choice of the OS and application stack. Well, for such needs, CloudBox99 promises the Best dedicated hosting services in India. As premium providers of cloud services in the country, we excel in the dedicated server hosting solutions too.

Best dedicated hosting service Providers in india

With us, as one of the top Best dedicated hosting server providers in India, you can put aside all your worries regarding hardware and its management. We assure you a very short deployment period within which we take care of everything from cooling to connectivity.

How It Works?
Choose from Your Options

You have the liberty to choose the hardware and software and we will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. You can also select from the options we have with regards to the OS, application stack and so on. We have world-class datacenters to support your needs.

Select a Suitable Model

CloudBox99 requires clients to choose the model that will best suit their business structure and domain. The choice of model can vary with respect to whether the client requires hybrid services with network services, database management, OS management, application and network monitoring, storage services and backup services. Our team of experts will help you make the right choice.

Lower Cost of Operations

With the dedicated server hosting services, your company will also enjoy zero Capex, which means that you can enjoy much lower operating costs and also, the most competitive monthly rentals

High Security

As our datacenters promise layers of security, innovative cooling and redundant power, you can experience 99.99% uptime coupled with SLA guarantees.