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Welcome to Cloudbox99

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Services provider in India

There are times and situations when organizations need
complete control over their servers. This can range from
the hardware to the choice of the OS and application stack.

Thinking about owning Servers and infrastructure for a small and medium requirement? (Bad Idea) Capital Expense, operational expense and time, you will drain all 3.

Dedicated Hosting service provider in india

Advantages of our services:

  • There is No need of Large Upfront Costs
  • There is No need of Forecasting Demand
  • You can use our infrastructure and only pay for what you use as a subscription model.
  • Avoid long time taking deployments into new data centers and servers ( you save around 3-5 months)
  • No massive expenses on maintaining servers
  • Maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure especially if the company is not IT-based is an operational nightmare.
  • At cludbox99 we offer the best Windows, Linux and Unix OS-based Dedicated servers.

With state-of-the-art hardware resources at our disposal and our partnerships with the industry leaders, we can provide you with the best-dedicated server
provider in india facilities with your complete control over the operations without any interruption. you can put aside all your worries regarding hardware and its management. We assure you a very short deployment period within which we take care of everything from cooling to connectivity.