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How to Reset cPanel Password

How to Reset cPanel Password

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting software that makes the process of web hosting simple and easier for the end-user. It provides Graphic User Interface (GUI) and automation tools to manage a hosting account. Besides GUI, it can give access to command line prompt and Application Programming Interface (API) protocols also that facilitates automation of process for standard system administration. There are hundreds of functions incorporated into cPanel enable you to control many of your website’s features virtually. Customer support, ease with migration, and data security are the added benefits. If you are concerned with data theft and want to know how to secure your account you are at the right place.

Most secure passwords turn out to be vulnerable when it comes to services like cloud hosting. Your data is stored on a cloud which is accessible to many other servers. Your data is stored on servers that are not under your control. Changing password is one strategy that can protect your credentials from cyber thieves. Resetting the cPanel password hasn’t been a straightforward task because of the unavailability of the option on the control panel.

Features of cPanel

cPanel offers many features that have made it the best control panel for web hosting services. It is efficient and dependable, with significant security features. It is Linux based control panel that is used to manage single or multiple websites. The most commonly used features of cPanel include

E-mail management: cPanel enables email management with specially designed tools for this function. All the functions such as adding or removing email accounts, managing spam filters, setting up email forwarding along with autoresponders and mailing lists. Data security is ensured with encryption, which in turn makes it possible to access mail from any place using webmail.

File Management: This is a tool using which you can manage files directly within cPanel. You can upload, create, delete and transfer files with or without having to use FTP. Content of your website can be controlled with tools like FTP accounts, FTP session control, and file manager. The backup interface allows you to save different sections of your website.

Domain Management: Management of domains is simplified with features like Addon Domains create domains, etc. You can add multiple domains to one cPanel account, add sub-domains, set up domain aliases and redirects according to your business requirement.

Metrics And Analytics: Interface analytics of visitors to your website provides insights into recent visits, error logs, raw access from hosting account, etc. It is a great tool that lets you access various statistics to understand user behavior.

Security Features: cPanel’s security tools are reliable that fulfill your security needs. Be it password protection or SSH/ Shell access, cPanel has tools that keep your website from external intrusion.

Database Management: With MySQL Database Wizard, you can create databases, database users and manage their creation, deletion, and association. Tools like PHP My Admin allow you to edit, search, import, and export content with the database apart from letting you other functions of database management.

Resetting cPanel password

Forgetting passwords and having data theft issues is normal when your website is parked with a cloud. You can reset the passwords on cPanel and it is very easy to do. Just follow the steps mentioned depending on the type of software you are using.

Reset the password from the cPanel account
1. Login to your cPanel account using location address http: example.com:2082 or http: example.com:2083. Here example.com is your website address.
2. Your cPanel’s account user name appears on the top right corner. Select the drop-down box.
3. Click the ‘Change Password’ option
4. Provide your email address and click on the ‘Send Security Code’ button
5. Fetch your security code from your mail and enter it in the cPanel. Then click Submit.
6. Enter your new password
7. After you confirm the new password, click the Set Password button
8. On the next page, a successful notification will be displayed. Click on login to cPanel
9. Now you can log in to the cPanel with the new password.

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